Pneumatic systems

Soaptec also provides solutions for movement and storage od products dedicated to the specific customer needs, using the must suitable systems, diverter devices, counting devices, metal detectors, storage and packaging devices.



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Pneumatic conveyors are commonly used for a smooth transfer of soap pellets coming from dryer plant to one or more storage bins destined to the finishing line feeding or to the packaging of the same soap pellets in the bags.

Soaptec design and proposes two types of pneumatic conveyors:

  • systems under pressure, that are used for high productions of pellets and long conveyor distances;
  • systems under suction, that are used for small productions of pellets and short conveyor distances.

On pneumatic transport by-pressure soap pellets are pushed by the blower-generated-air-flow- located on pneumatic transport beginning.

On pneumatic transport by-suction soap pellets are suctioned by the aspirator generated air flow located at the end of pneumatic transport

Air blower, a powerful air compressor, is set in a soundproof cabin. For avoiding pipes obstruction you should cool the transport air flow using the cold-water-exchanger


pneumatic systems
penumatic systems
pneumatic systems
pneumatic systems