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  finishing line

Finishing line allows, in five main processes, to transform the pellets coming from the dryer into stamped or printed soap bars.

  • Dosing and mixing. Soap base is dosed and mixed together with liquid and solid additives which are components of final formula. Dosing of additives can be dona both in automatic and in hand mode.
  • Refining. The soap cristalline structure is changed by the combined action of pressure and shear obtaind by the working of plodders and roll-mill.
  • Extrusion. The final stage of a duplex plodder is used to extrude, under vacuum, a continuous soap bar that is previously refined.
  • Cutting. The continuous soap bar coming from a duple vacuum plodder must be cut, with wanted lengths, in smaller bars or in engravied finished soaps. The cut bars are then transferred to following stampers for the final working process.
  • Stamping. Banded or bandless soaps are stamped by vertical or horizontal presses. Soaps can be stamped on 2, 4 or 6 faces.

Soaptec finishing lines can produce toilet soap, laundry soap, transparent soap, syndet soap and marbled soap.

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