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The dryer plant is used for continuous drying of the laundry and/or toilet base soap, and it is composed of five different stages:


  • Neat soap filtration. The liquid soap is pumped through the soap filter into the service tank.
  • Neat soap heating. The liquid soap is fed by the feeding pump into the heat exchanger where it is heated.
  • Drying. The heated liquid soap is atomized inside of the atomizer. The vapors liberated inside (ones preformed inside heat exchanger and the ones flashed off) are sucked away by the vacuum system. Soap that is sprayed on the wall of the atomizer is, at this point dry, cold and solid. It is scrapped off the wall by action of rotary scrappers. Scrapped soap falls on the worms of the plodder and is extruded out in form of pellets or continuous bar.



  • Soap fines separation and recovery. The vapors containing the soap dusts formed during spraying, are conveyed out of the atomizer through the cyclones where they are separated from the dusts which falls on the bottom of cyclones and is recovered.
  • Vapours condensation. The vapors are condensed inside barometric condenser. The vacuum pump produces and maintains the vacuum degree inside the plant by removing all uncondensables.

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toilet dryer

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