Dryer plant

Toilet dryer
Green dryer
Laundry dryer


Soap filter
Soap tank
Heat exchanger
Vapour separator
Spray chamber
Fines separator
Fines extruder
Vacuum system
Cylinder cooler





In the Laundry Dryer the main intention is not to dry but to cool and consequently solidify the soap.

For this reason the Laundry Dryer can be furnished without heat exchanger; if it's installed, is usually used forsmall corrections of soap temperature before flash in the atomizer.


Considering the reduced dust formation, soaptec proposes a high efficiency monocyclone for fines separation.

The plodder placed under the atomizer is a duplex vacuum plodder which extrudes the soap in continuous bar ready to be stamped and cut at the desired lenght by the cutter.

Our cutters can be easily equipped with engraving rolls for the production of high quality finish stamped like bars.

laundry dryer