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Raw material - fats, soda, salt and water- used for soap production must be treated before sending them to saponification processes. Soaptec can supply plants for a full treatment or raw materials themselves, engineering and technical support for local buildings.

Saponification process transforms raw materials of choise into liquid soap, also called "neat soap". Soaptec offers a wide choice of processes to fully accomodate any possible requirement for the production. Soaptec can also provide consulting and furnitures for revamping of local plants.

raw materials
Dryer plants

Hot and liquid soap is transformed into cold and solid material that can be processed into bars and tablets for final use. Dryer plants consists of five phases:

  • Filtering
  • Pre-heating
  • Drying
  • Dust separation
  • Vapour condensation

Pneumatic conveyors are used to transport soap cylinder pellets from dryer plant to storage silos. These silos are used to continuously feed the finishing lines or the packaging machines for packed pellets production.

pneumatic systems
In finishing lines soap is subjected to a series of mechanical operations in order to incorporate additives such as colour and perfume, refine it and transform it into tablets and bars of desired size, shape and appearance.In finishing lines the soap is usually dosed, mixed, refined, extruded, cut and stamped.