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2.000 kg/h Finishing Line
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Base Artisan finishing line for about 200.000 €

(Jan. 2010)
Soaptec CV
(Jan. 2010)



Soaptec has changed its registered office

On August 2010 has moved to Lonate Ceppino (VA) also very close to Malpensa airport


15th March 2011

From the first week of March, the registered office of Soaptec Srl has changed to Via San Lucio 69, 21050 Lonate Ceppino (VA). Soaptec bought this shed late last year and by August we had moved physically.

The new building houses the new offices and new spaces for the workers. It is also situated close to very close to Malpensa airport in a beautiful pre-alpic landscape area.


2010 was a good year for the Soaptec: we managed to further improve our turn over. We also increased our global presence by acquiring major clients such as Bayer of Mexico (coming soon, the article about the project). This makes us proud and makes us work even harder to perfect our product.

Thank you all!