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Detailed Finishing Line Film

27th July 2010

Soaptec always tryes to inform the client about itís products the best it can. Weíre really interested in the evaluation and observation of all our web visitors. We think thatís the best way to offer a first view of how our machines work.
This last film is the video of a finishing line which can product up to 1.000 kg/h. This line is quite bigger than our Artisan Finishing line but itís been designed for small productions. The line permits to increase its production, so it becomes, also, a great investment for the future.
The line is composed by an amalgamator AM, used to mix up the noodles (already bought) with soap additives (as perfume and colour); once the mix is done Ėin that case itís taken about 15 minutes- the coloured and perfumed noodles fall down into the hopper of a Refiner which will hot them, melt them, will also improve the mixture and will integrate the most all additives with soap paste for extrude them noodle shaped.

An elevator conveyor transports the noodles that exit the Refiner to the Roll Mill. Soaptec knows that Roll Mill has a terrible reputation in the soap field due to its product loss. Soaptec machines cannot assure a zero loss, but they can surely guarantee the minimum loss possible. This machine has several advantages if you want to produce a quality soap because of its high capacity of refining and homogenization. How does it achieves this quality? Just allowing the soap passing through the small space between the three rolls arranged like in a triangle way. Then the machine expel the soap in flakes which are transported to the hopper of the Duplex Vacuum Plodder.

Inside the Plodder, soap is refined for the third time, so it achieves the best quality. It gets hot, itís extruded pelletized inside the vacuum chamber which eliminates any air trace that it could trap. Finally, the soap is extruded in a continuous bar (dimensions are settable).
This bar will feed the cutter, a machine that works by means of photocells which detect the arrival of the soap and regulate the cut, clear and perfect, thanks the special rotation of the blade. The machine can make until 350 cuts per minute.
After the cutter, going through a conveyor, the soap arrives at the Stamper. In this case a MFS-3 stamper, Multi Flash Stamper with three cavities so it can produce three soap bars per stroke. Every single soap bar has also the insert, which can be changed and designed as the client wants. MFS-3 can achieve a speed of 75 strokes/minute, which means that it can potentially produce 255 soap bars per minute. This machine needs a Chiller for cooling the dies and prevent glued soap inside the dies.
Soaptec has designed and produced this machine for an important international company. Nowadays Soaptec is proceeding the start-up of the line. By the moment, the results are good and the costumer was satisfied. What do you thing about it?