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Discover the Semi Boiled continuous saponification+ dryer + DOUBLE laundry finishing line


14th April 2010

Soaptec is glad to present this new new video: one of our biggest Complete Soap Plant in Africa. The plant that you can see in this video is a Semi Boiled Continuous Saponification plant, plus Dryer Plant plus Double Laundry soap Finishing Line.

Until now, Soaptec videos had shown soap production process from Dryer ‘till finishing line. In this one, one more step of soap production has been added: we are also showing Soaptec’s Saponification group composed by Dosing Pump Section, Saponification reactor (in our website, Reactor Column) and Soap tank. This saponification group is able to treat up to 10.000 kg/h of soap.
After the saponification (or neutralisation as it’s called in the soap field) begins the drying process. The Dryer that you can see on the video is a 5 tons per hour production with Atomizer and a Single Fines Separator (Soaptec produces Single and Double Fines separators). The last step of this Dryer, and in this case (just because the soap produced is Laundry type) is the first step of Double Finishing Line: A Twin Worm Triplex Plodder, one of the biggest plodder that Soaptec produces.
The twin worm feature of the plodder permits to produce two different bars of soap at the same time; the Triplex characteristic assures a more homogeneous mixture, so although there’s no first plodder under the atomizer, refining process is done correctly. The plodder is connected to the EMC-2 cutter which is, simplifying, the fusion of two EMC cutters. This machine takes both two long bars from the plodder, it cut them, and distribute them, helped by two different conveyors, towards the final step of Finishing line: stamping.
On the video you could perfectly see the conveyors distribution for transporting cut soap bar to MFS-6 pressses and all discharging and recycle system for transport de flashing again towards the Plodder. This Finishing Line can produce up to 5.000 kg/h of soap. Discover yourself this complex plant and realize that Soaptec can make become true almost every request clients do.

Watch the video!