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(Jun. 2011)
2.000 kg/h Finishing Line
(May 2011)
Soaptec's new offices
(Mar. 2011)
Detailed Finishing Line film
(Jul. 2010)
We finally falamos!
(Jun. 2010)
Great new Soaptec video
At last SOAPTEC in italian
Maintenant SOAPTEC est aussi en Française
New Saponification video available (Mar.2010)
Soaptec speaks spanish (Feb.2010)
"Soap Manufacturing technology" AOCS bestseller 2009 (Jan. 2010)

Base Artisan finishing line for about 200.000 €

(Jan. 2010)
Soaptec CV
(Jan. 2010)



At last SOAPTEC in Italian 


26th March 2010

Two months ago we upload the Spanish version of the web. Few weeks later, we upload French one, as well. Being an Italian company, all that was left was traducing it in Italian.

Were presenting Soaptecs web site new Italian version where you can find the same contends as in the other versions. That way the languages spoken by Soaptec become four and we get closer to our land market.
As in the other versions you can find: machines descriptions, process explanations, photo gallery, videos on You Tube and information about us and last news.
Soaptec works everyday for make the access to de web easier and more user friendly. We actually update proposes really often so as to generate dynamism and interest in contents.
In a short while we’ll begin to work in Portuguese version of the website.

Thank you very much for trusting in Soaptec and for continuing to consult our proposals.

Our target is achieving excellence, our roadmap, client trust.