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Base Artisan finishing line for about 200.000 €

(Jan. 2010)
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SOAPTEC speaks spanish


22nd February 2010

Following its expansionist and approaching politics SOAPTEC has created the spanish version web site. The new web will offer the same services as the english version: Machines last version description, explanations about all making soap process (from raw materials treatment until stamping on finishing lines last stage) and information about current events in the soap world and in the company.

Moreover the web will permit downloading pdf brochures of all products and will contain the Photo gallery which allows to see all web photos enlarged with just one click.

You can also watch the machines working thanks to You Tube video links, so it will be possible to check quality, speed and design of SOAPTEC machines.

The web will be updated really often, specially “News” pages where SOAPTEC want to explain main changes for machines improvement, to publish some articles about soap world and comunicate last company news.


Plants and process description

Photo gallery

Exhaustive description about all SOAPTEC machines