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"Soap Manufacturing technology" reaches the first place in Bestsellers top 10 2009 AOCS list


22nd Jan. 2010

Less than a year after its publication "Soap Manufacturing Technology" has reached the first place on top ten bestsellers list made by AOCS. The book, edited and co-authored by Luis Spitz, wants to be a comprehensive reference guide not just for those already in soap industry but for new comers as well. This new publication contanis revised versions of important chapters from previous books written by Spitz and it also contains some of the lectures presented at the 2006 and 2008 SODEOPEC Conferences.

The 474 pages long book, that contains 16 chapters, can be considered a small enciclopedia of almost everything relative to soap esclusively. More than a dozen of different subjects explain and analize history of soap production and propose new alternatives critisizing costructivelly and giving some helpfull advices about fascinating industry that, as Luis Spitz writes in the preface of the book: "(...) preserves and enhances people's health, well-being, and beauty".

SOAPTECcollaborate in the bookwritting an article about semi-boiled systems (Semi-Boiled soap production Systems Boris Radic and Luis Spitz. "Soap Manufacturing technology"pg. 249.) and bringing technical support adding it's designs, projects and information on the book.
Now you can get "Soap Manufacturing technology" on-line for less than 180 $ (AOCS members will have a further discount).
SOAPTEC wants to thank Luis Spitz for the opportunity of participating in this book.