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Base Artisan finishing line for about 200.000 €

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Best projects made by Soaptec around the world
12th January 2010
2009. Because of production needs, a client wanted to be able to heat refiner's foils and cut produced pellets at different sizes. Soaptec has supplied him a pelletscutter with independent command group that allows knives rotation speed variation and permits to cut pellets at desiderated lenght. This group can also be fit on old refiners.
Nov. 2009. Soaptec starts-up a continuous mixture saponification plant with 10.000 kg/h capacity in Cameroun with a 62% TFM dryer and a 5.000 kg/h stamped soap finishing line.
Apr. 2009. Soaptec performs successfully a dryer start-up in Indonesia. 8.000 kg/h toilet soap production capacity at 80-82% TFM.
Mar. 2009. Soaptec brings to a close the commisioning of a complete continuous saponification plant with washing column, 6.000 kg/h of 60-62% TFM soap. A dryer with 5.000 kg/h soap production capacity at 70-72% TFM. A finishing line 2.800 kg/h capacity of 6 faces stamped soap. A 2.000 kg/h finishing line of 2 faces stamped soap.

Feb. 2009. Soaptec starts-up the second finishing line supplied at the same client in Nigeria. Production capacity 2.000 kg/h, 2 faces stamped soap.

2008. Soaptec supplied several stampers and cutters in Brazil.

Jun. 2008. Soaptec develops the commisioning and local operators instruction for 2 partial finishing lines (cutter, conveyor and stamper) of 2.000 kg/h capacity in Iraq and for one 1.500 kg/h partial finishing line in Iran.

Mar. 2008. A Finishing line commissioning is carried out in Indonesia. Production capacity 2.000 kg/h. 2 face stamped soap.
Oct. 2007. Soaptec travels to Colombia for a toilet soap 80-82% TFM 4.000 kg/h capacity dryer starting.
Sep. 2007. Soaptec starts-up a 2.000 kg/h capacity finishing line in Nigeria.

2006. Soaptec starts-up "Artisan" finishing lines in Algeria, Francia, Zambia and Indonesia. And assists a client for the revamping of an existing plant in Congo (2.000 kg/h capacity)

Mar. 2006. A 2.000 kg/h finishing line is started-up in Indonesia.
Sep. 2006. Soaptec executes the commissioning of a 1.000 kg/h finishing line in Guatemala.
2005. Soaptec starts-up a partial finishing line in Mexico. Capacity 1.000 kg/h.
2005. Soaptec develops the start-up of a 6.000 kg/h capacity dryer for stamped bar and cut soap in Tanzania.
2005. Soaptec supplies several 6 faces HEXA stampers in Africa.

2004. In a small french perfume shop, Soaptec installs it's first 1.000 kg/h capacity finishing line.

2004. Malaysia. Soaptec supplies and assist a client for the start-up of a 1.000 kg/h finishing line.
2004. Indonesia. Start-up of a 6.000 kg/h toilet soap dryer at 80-82% TFM with pellets pneumatic conveyor.
2004. Soaptec executes the start-up of a saponification plant in Malaysia with washing column and centrifuge separator. 2.000 kg/ capacity
2004. Soaptec supplies engineering for setting up a soap plant in Zambia.
2004. French perfume shop 1000 kg/h plant
2008. Iran partial finishing line
2006. Zambia. Artisan finishing line