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(Jun. 2011)
2.000 kg/h Finishing Line
(May 2011)
Soaptec's new offices
(Mar. 2011)
Detailed Finishing Line film
(Jul. 2010)
We finally falamos!
(Jun. 2010)
Great new Soaptec video
At last SOAPTEC in italian
Maintenant SOAPTEC est aussi en Française
New Saponification video available (Mar.2010)
Soaptec speaks spanish (Feb.2010)
"Soap Manufacturing technology" AOCS bestseller 2009 (Jan. 2010)

Base Artisan finishing line for about 200.000 €

(Jan. 2010)
Soaptec CV
(Jan. 2010)











June 24th 2011

The characteristic Marsiglia soap cubic shape is one of the ancient and traditional soap shapes still in the market. As was used to do once, all faces (or at least four) are usually engraved, together with the logo and the producers name, with the TFM content as a quality sign.

As well as still being present in European markets, where has become symbol of purity and quality, cubic soap is also the predominant soap shape in such African countries.

Hexa 5.0 is nowadays the most developed machine that produces this type of soaps.

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2.000 kg/h Finishing Line
31st May 2011

Soaptec has prepared its new video. This is a complete Toilet Finishing Line. It is the second line made by Soaptec Srl for this company located in Lagos (Nigeria) and it produces, like the other one, 2.000 kg/h. Nowadays, Soaptec is preparing the start-up of a third 2.500 kg/h line in the factory.

The first machine is a Mixer used to optimize the addition of other products as colour and perfume in the white soap noodles. The mixer has 400 kg capacity and do the mixing for about 16 minutes ( it takes around 20 minutes to complete a working cycle). Once the mixing is done, the bottom doors opened and the content falls into the hopper of the Worm Feeder.

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Soaptec's new offices
15th March 2011

From the first week of March, the registered office of Soaptec Srl has changed to Via San Lucio 69, 21050 Lonate Ceppino (VA). Soaptec bought this shed late last year and by August we had moved physically.

The new building houses the new offices and new spaces for the workers. It is also situated close to very close to Malpensa airport in a beautiful pre-alpic landscape area.

Detailed Finishing Line Film
27th July 2010
Soaptec always tryes to inform the client about it’s products the best it can. We’re really interested in the evaluation and observation of all our web visitors. We think that’s the best way to offer a first view of how our machines work. This last film is the video of a finishing line which can product up to 1.000 kg/h. This line is quite bigger than our Artisan Finishing line but it’s been designed for small productions. The line permits to increase its production, so it becomes, also, a great investment for the future. read more
We finally falamos!
11th June 2010

Soaptec began 2010 presenting it’s new website design. More dynamic, with more contents and services on clients and curious people disposition. As months go by we’ve been also changing some things and adding other contents that we thought could be interesting.

Today, June 2010, we’re glad to present the fifth version of Soaptec’s website, in Portuguese.

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Discover the Semi Boiled continuous saponification+ dryer + DOUBLE laundry finishing line
14th April 2010

Soaptec is glad to present this new new video: one of our biggest Complete Soap Plant in Africa. The plant that you can see in this video is a Semi Boiled Continuous Saponification plant, plus Dryer Plant plus Double Laundry soap Finishing Line.

Until now, Soaptec videos had shown soap production process from Dryer ‘till finishing line. In this one, one more step of soap production has been added: we are also showing Soaptec’s Saponification group composed by Dosing Pump Section, Saponification reactor (in our website, Reactor Column) and Soap tank. This saponification group is able to treat up to 10.000 kg/h of soap. read more


At last SOAPTEC in Italian 

26th March 2010

Two month ago we upload the Spanish version of the web. Few weeks later, we upload French one, as well. Being an Italian company, all that was left was traducing it in Italian too. If you want to find out how it is... Click here!
Maintenant SOAPTEC est aussi en Française (Now SOAPTEC also speaks french)
11th March 2010
Less than a month ago SOAPTEC add spanish option on website languages list for approaching to south amercian and spanish markets. Now we’re glad to present the French website with the intention of getting closer to France and Africa,  where SOAPTEC has started up several soap plants.
New saponification video available
1st Mar. 2010
Soaptec has published a new video which is available on You Tube and in the web site. The video shows both processes of saponification and drying thus as Toilet and Laundry Finishing Line. read more
Soaptec speaks spanish
22nd Feb. 2010

Following its expansionist and approaching politics SOAPTEC has created spanish version web site. The new web will offer the same services as the english version: Machines last version description, explanations about all making soap process (from raw materials treatment until stamping on finishing lines last stage) and information about current events in the soap world and in the company. read more

22nd Jan. 2010
"Soap Manufacturing technology" reaches first place in AOCS top 10 bestsellers list
One year after its first edition "Soap Manufacturing Technology" has reached the first place on top ten bestsellers list made by AOCS. The book, coordinated and edited by Luis Spitz, wants to be a reference guide not just for those already in soap industry but for newcomers aswell. read more
17th Jan. 2010
Get your base Artisan finishing line for about 200.000 €!!
12th Jan. 2010
Soaptec Curriculum Vitae. Discover what we have done around the world.
2009. Because of production needs, a client wanted to be able to heat refiner's foils and cut produced pellets at different sizes. Soaptec has supplied him a pelletscutter with independent command group that allows knives rotation speed variation and permits to cut pellets at desiderated lenght. This group can also be fit on old refiners. read more